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Dads’ Army Report – 23rd March 2020

Dads’ Army Report – 23rd March 2020

Hello All. 15 of us turned up this morning and it was fine and 20 degrees but sadly not a drop of rain over the past week. However, the Walk is looking good, green and lush.  No mowing was required Rod Wyatt raked the few leaves on Diggers Rest and around the...

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Dads’ Army Report – 23rd March 2020

Dads’ Army – 9th March 2020

Hello all, can someone tell me what happened to the phlegmatic and stoic Aussie bloke icon that we all knew , loved and were proud. What I mean with the word phlegmatic is the bloke who is cool, calm and collected, slow paced and stubborn. He rarely gets excited about...

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