POLICY – Eligibility Criteria for Individual (Honour Roll, Memorial Plaque and Tree) Memoriam


To be eligible an individual must:

  1. Have died during service as a member of the RAR, or as a result of that service, and
  2. Have died during or as a result of service in a conflict or operation either,
    • Classified by the Department of Defence as warlike, or
    • Classified by the Department of Defence as non-warlike, or
    • Classified by the Department of Defence as peacetime, and which the RAR Council agrees is appropriate for inclusion in the NMW, and
  3. Have died between the defined start and end dates of that conflict or operation, or as a result of service in that conflict or operation, within two years of returning to Australia. Members of the RAR who died during these periods of conflict but were not serving with the Regiment may be included.

These criteria are the same as those used by the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour

Questions of eligibility for the NMW’s Roll of Honour and a memorial plaque and tree are determined solely by the RAR Council.

Approving Authority.  The RAR Council.

POLICY – Eligibility Criteria for RAR Units’ Attached Deceased’s Memoriam


The names of individuals:

  1.  from other Australian Army Corps and Services, Australian Services or Allied Nations who died during attachment or as a result of that attachment to an RAR unit on operational service; or
  2. members of the RAR (wearing The RAR accoutrements) who died while serving in another military unit, service or Allied Force overseas on operational service;

may be memorialised on that Units plaque or other specific plaque, on the forecourt of the Contemplation Building.

Responsibility for verification of those to be named is The RAR Units’ or Regimental Headquarters for 2. above.

Approving Authority. The RAR Council.

POLICY – Eligibility Criteria for other Memorial/Gratitude Plaques – Supporting Australian Services & Allied Nations


Supporting Australian Services and Allied Nations may on their request be authorised to lay a memorial plaque suitably inscribed as approved at the NMW within Diggers Rest area only.

Memorial Plaques are to be directly related to actual supporting service with The Royal Australian Regiment.

Gratitude Plaques are an expression of appreciation to The RAR singularly and/or Australian Military Forces.

Supporting Australian Services’ Plaques are to list those members verified who were killed while supporting The Regiment on operational service.

Allied Nations’ Gratitude/Appreciation Plaques are to conform to the size and shape of the Vietnam Gratitude Plaque.

All plaque and placement expenses are to be borne by the requesting Party.

Approving Authority. The RAR Council.

POLICY – Eligibility Criteria for Deaths in Training

RAR men who died in training are not memorialised by name at the NMW. They are memorialised in a general plaque at the base of the flagpole on the forecourt of the Contemplation Building

In major military bases, there are Non-Operational deaths memorials that have individual named plaques

POLICY – Dispersal of Ashes

ADF Policy refers wherein approval must be obtained from Director-General Defence Community Organisation (DGDCO).

The ashes of a deceased person who served honourably as an Infantryman in any Battalion of The Royal Australian Regiment may, subject to DCO approval, at the request of his family (NOK) be dispersed within the grounds of the NMW.

Ashes will be dispersed above ground and not buried. The dispersal site will be decided by the deceased’s members Family in conjunction with the NMW Manager.

At the family’s election, the dispersal may be either a private family affair only without RARA support, or with the invitation to and support of the RARA and the deceased’s RAR Battalion Association.

The site will not be marked with any plaque or memento. (Plaques are only allowed for those eligible persons who died on operational service while serving overseas with the RAR)

The deceased’s name will be recorded in the Regiment’s In Memoriam Remembrance Book.

POLICY – Individual Plaque Memorabilia

The individual plaques may be adorned with a secured weatherproofed photograph of the deceased as approved by the NOK.  Other memorabilia requests may be approved by the RAR Council.

POLICY – Bequests and Donations

Bequests and donations are encouraged. They will be used  within the NMW at the discretion of RARC unless the donor has a specific request which is not contrary to any of the policies and compliance requirements of the NMW. 

POLICY – Visitors to the Walk

Visits are both promoted and encouraged for individuals, families. and military and community groups. All visitors must have photographic identity proof. An escort group of Dads’ Army volunteers is on call to take visitors on a guided tour.

Requests to visit should be made at least two weeks in advance to allow the necessary approvals for entry into Gallipoli Barracks which is a secured base. Requests are to be made to the NMW’s Administration Officer (insert email address and telephone number).

Walk in visits are possible but difficult to organise at short notice because of the strict security requirements and availability of off base volunteer escorts


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