Dads’ Army – 9th March 2020


Hello all, can someone tell me what happened to the phlegmatic and stoic Aussie bloke icon that we all knew , loved and were proud. What I mean with the word phlegmatic is the bloke who is cool, calm and collected, slow paced and stubborn. He rarely gets excited about things and the stoic bloke is much the same in that he can endure hardship without showing his feelings or complaining.  You know the bloke I mean, he is like you and me – if something comes along that needs fixing we consider it, work out what needs to be done, roll our sleeves up and do it!

Well after careful observation over the couple of weeks that Aussie seems to be a dying breed. I have heard all the rumour mongering, watched people panic buy and stood by at Woolworths where my daughter works with her and her co workers being abused by the great unwashed (and others) for refusing to check out their trolleys because they have over shopped on some items.  It is not Becky’s fault and staff do have the full backing of management but it can become unsettling especially on the young females. On Tuesday Becky had 12 full trolleys near her register that she had to refuse and cop heaps and often foul language abuse.  It took all my phlegmatic stoicism not to intervene. Rant Finished but is sad to see.

The Walk is in terrific shape. I was in there today and the lawns are nice and thick but not high so I think we can go another week without a mow. Over the last fortnight we had 150 mm of rain and with the fertilizing nearly all bare spots in Diggers Rest are just about gone. I think that if anything the hedges could do with a bit of trim and maybe the lawn edges trimmed again.

Our Oldest Dad’s Army Member Ken Cupples at work in the rain

What I mean to say here people is that if you feel any concern at all or any hesitation please do not feel you have to come in on Monday and I am not lumping you in with the people I spoke about in the opening paragraph. We are true volunteers in the full meaning of the word and most of us have grandchildren you may be concerned about. Family is trumps, we can always catch up. The other consideration is what the hell am I going to give you all for Smoko – there is nothing on the shelves!!!

Anyway look after yourselves and yours and also, talk to a mate.

At this stage I will be in on Monday with my electric hedger

All the very best

Dave McDonald

Acting Manager NMW


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