Visit: McDowall State School – National Memorial Walk – Remembrance Day 2020

Thank you to the Royal Australian Regiment Association for hosting our visit to the National Memorial Walk 11th November 2020, from the 2020 Year 6 students and staff of McDowall State School.

We walked through the Garden of Remembrance and observed all the plaques that were placed next to the soldiers own remembrance tree. The plaques had all the soldiers’ names that died in war and I appreciate and respect them. It was a solemn day for all of us but we should always remember everyone who fought for our country. Lest we forget.

I thought that the Army Barracks was a good experience and a good way to learn about Remembrance Day. I thought that it was good to be able to look at all the soldier’s trees and pay them respect for giving their lives to make Australia better today.

I would like to thank Barry, (6C2’s guide) for taking us on the walk in the living memorial and telling us about the past soldiers who fought in the war for the rights and freedom for our country. I really appreciate what you did for us and teaching us about the wars and what it was like back then in them. I surely enjoyed this visit and I will never forget it (I loved the Jubie Juice and biscuits)

Dear Veterans,

On Behalf of Grade Six students at McDowall State School I would like to thank you for hosting our unforgettable 2020 Remembrance Day at the National Memorial Walk. We all are very thankful as we learnt about the history of our nation and how the ANZAC’s fought, and still fight for our freedom. 

I’d like to say thank you to the veteran’s for inviting our school to commemorate Remembrance Day at the National Memorial Walk. I enjoyed walking through the living memorial showing us how many people have passed in recent and older wars. I am very thankful to our tour guide, Barry, who educated us on the wars and what happened then. I found our time at the memorial highly educational and an enlightening experience. Thank you for allowing us to come.


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