Opinion – The ANZAC’s are Watching – Bugger Covin 19

History tells us that with few exceptions, our past generations have all been exposed to significant challenges and won. Through the ages our people have certainly been tested with wars, Spanish Flu, drought, fire, famine and empty pockets on many occasions. In living memory lurking ever so near, to name a few, were Diphtheria, Polio, Tuberculosis and Measles which all took their toll, particularly among the very young. 

Today, there is new and very dangerous enemy threatening us known as Covin 19. The dye is cast and now we must kill it

Our social discipline must be of the highest level and no doubt it will be tested in very difficult and demanding circumstances. Our history is rich with so many powerful qualities in times of need, particularly when the going is tough. Always must be the faith in who we are, where we have been and where we are surely going. 

Humour, mateship, caring, sharing , resilience and persevering are examples of so many rich qualities which we have inherited and are in our armory.

We need no white flag.  What we need to do is reinforce our parapets with all our proven qualities and stand fast as one. Do this and we will cross the finish line all together as winners.

There will be new lessons to learn and clearly at the top of list is not to discard but record them and enhance at frequent intervals.

Be warned that once we kill this virus,there is yet another challenge which is to repair our very damaged economy and as a matter of urgency, place far more emphasis on pursuing sustainability within our nation. Failing that, learn Chinese

Perhaps Covine 19 has triggered alarm bells and awoken many Canberra Rip Van Winkles  to change  the course of the good ship Australia before it hits reefs, dead ahead.

       No White Flags to Be Seen Down Under 

Be you rich or poor, religious, agnostic and a lot more
Sleeping in castles or an aging creaking house about to fall
Most comply while an ignorant few believe they’re above the law?
And when danger threatens, some cower while most stand tall 

 Looming dark clouds thick with fear have been in our land before
Famine, empty pockets, fire, droughts and flooding rain
Bloody war with grim faced couriers knocking at the front door
Yet despite terrible grief, a proud national spirit surges forward again

Since times gone by, our people have always refused to relent
Whatever the threat, there has been a battle cry, loud and clear
“No white flags for us” is the message to be sent 
Our power will always be unity and love for a way of life so dear

Always is the faith inherited from our past to see us through? 
Always sweet hope never to be soured in seeking bright tomorrows
Always as one going forward and knowing what to do
Always is the path our pioneers carved for us to follow

It’s time to roll up sleeves and act without delay
Do not forget, those yet to be born will judge by what we do
To tell grand-children, how all together, we won the day
To look infant kin in the eye and rightly claim; you did your part too 

George Mansford © April 2020


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