NMW Report – 21 December 2020 Activities

This Monday was the last formal work activity for the year and included our annual break-up BBQ breakfast.

Most of us ‘early birds’ were active from 5.30 am to finalise the work tasks and prepare the Walk for the long hot summer days until we formally return on 11 January 2021. 

But we know that Robert Cross, Rod Newham, Mick van Burgh, Ken Falvey, Ken Cupples, Shippy and Doug and many others will be frequent informal visitors to help me do the watering and clean up the ravages of our hot and often violent weather (it is the Cyclone season).

The Northern Garden (to be dedicated as the 3 RAR Commemorative Garden) plantings are complete with the Poinsettias finally arriving from Mexico. In keeping with our Regimental colour theme (Red and Green) the mulch cover will be Red Cypress Uluru. We are planning with Bob Dabinett (3 RAR Association) for the commemorative opening to be on Monday 1st March 2021.

Memorial Service  

We had our monthly memorial recognition service at the Contemplation Building. Here we recognise the passing of those RAR men who we know have died in the month. Major General Mike Jeffrey was one of those recognised on Monday also the tragic and unexplainable suicides of the two soldiers from both battalions here at Enoggera and, as usual, many of DA remembered mates who have passed on.

# Check 5

As noted in my last Report, we support the Open Arms program as shown in the photo. Our enthusiasm was to up the ante by holding high two hands. Does this mean we committed to check 10 mates?  However, if you do the maths and you ring five mates and they in turn ring 5 mates then they ring 5…in a perfect world it would not take long to know the health or otherwise of our Regimental Family.

BBQ – Breakfast

Dave, Shippy and their helpers prepared a wholesome meal: steak, sausages and rissoles with salads, bread rolls and cold goffas. Bob Kyte’s wife Audrey provided dessert with her baked date slice and cup-cakes. The camaraderie was well and truly evident because even with their mouths full of wonderful food the volume of chatter never decreased.

Shippy’s versatility as a Chef

Ken Cupples & Lou Knucks
Audrey Kyte


I offered my appreciation to Dad’s Army for their dedication to the NMW and their willingness to be on call to assist above and beyond their “pay-grade”, and to my management committee for their active support.

In giving my greetings for the Christmas season and a happy and healthy New Year, I encouraged all to take care and # Check 5.

In response Ted, on behalf of DA, thanked me for success in the management of the Walk and in developing future plans to promote the Walk to the RAR Battalions, the RAR Family and the Australian people.

Until next year, which we will officially start on Monday 11th Jan, stay safe and well.

Duty First

Dave McDonald
28 December 2020

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