NMW Last Day of Winter – Manager’s Report

Well spring has sprung (“…the grass is riz…”) which means that maybe we won’t have as many cooler nights and things will start growing again but, the big “must have”, rain, is still AWOL. We can but hope that it will turn up, not only for the Walk but the imminent bushfire season and the man on the land. We can but pray.

Work is still happening around the Walk.  The sandstone garden on the northern end of the Contemplation Bld (CB) has been completed and just needs to be planted out.  Infantry green and scarlet were the guidelines for a floral display which we thought would be no problem we have the lower edge worked out and the same with the top edge, however, the middle edge was going to be the Brisbane Floral Emblem of Poinsettias. Normally not a problem and they could be bought anywhere but they are a native of Mexico and with C19 there is no imports. I know they can be grown from cuttings and we may have to resort to that method.

Keep in mind what I said above about the sandstone wall garden. We have finished its construction at a cost but we want to complete it before dedication. 3 RAR Corporation has folded and as a parting gesture has donated an amount of money to be used for a specific purpose that  just about  covers the cost of this garden.  I wanted this to be a sort of surprise but once the garden is planted a suitable brass plaque will be attached and a ceremony will be held when it is officially unveiled. I will endeavor t o have our Patron, Maj Gen Stuart Smith AO CSC (Rtd) to do the honours of dedicating it to the 3 RAR Heroes. Thank you 3 RAR Corporation.

At the front of the Contemplation Building, grass seed (Kikuyu and Rye) has been sown and is already sprouting in places. Seed was decided upon not only because of cost but at some stage Defence is going to put a footpath in and in my experience footpaths make a terrible mess of lawns.

In the raised garden bed in Diggers Rest near the BBQ, which was filled with Philodendron ‘Xanadu’ which just sat there and stayed green so it was decided to get rid of the Xanadu (if you don’t like a myriad of roots invading your property don’t plant it) it is worse than the root system of the dreaded Golden Penda.  The end result  is to have it  replanted with native wildflowers that will show a flash of colour all year and will be reasonably low maintenance.  Another reason for the colour is that it will compliment the scarlet, white and green of the Long Tan Battle Honour Garden opposite it.

Greg Decker has been busy again using work parties from both Battalions (6 RAR and 8/9 RAR) to fill a 20m3 bin with tree rubbish from the mulching area. I must commend both units on their willingness to supply work parties pending our and their unit requirements.  Simple when you work together.

All in all a good job done by DA and the spirit and camaraderie is still strong. By the way we picked up a new recruit in Bob Varcoe whom many of you may know from 8/9 RAR and 6 RAR: welcome Bob.

Dad’s Army People

Ron and Ivy Woodrow are well with Ron taking things steady after his hip replacement.  He advises that he has spoken to Margaret Gibbons and it seems she and Kiwi are OK in Covid 19 lock down at Fairview. 
Trevor Pond came in on Monday and fitted a new starter motor to Ken Cupples’s red tractor. Trevor is recovering from back surgery and seems to be in fine spirits although he walks around like Quasimodo but he gets there and retains his sense of humour. 
Ken Cupples, our revered elder (in years) turned up again and was kept busy clearing the rubbish from the trees cut down last week in Theresa’s area.  He is an inspiration to us all. Our best wishes to Ken’s wife, Selma.
Then L/Pte Rick Hollingdrake turned up and it was good to see him and I am sure by the amount of talking he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
Margaret Deveroux , God bless her, got out of her sick bed to make DA one of her famous fruit cakes for smoko: it was greatly appreciated and finished. 
Bob and Audrey Kyte returned from Darwin looking well tanned and I hear the muddies were sensational. Audrey made passion fruit iced cup cakes for us which were lovely. Pity you couldn’t turn up Rodric it was a veritable feast.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

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