Dads’ Army Report – Monday 25th May 2020

Another fine Brisbane morning last Monday with most of the usual people turning up and still working in pairs and being very aware of social distancing and we still got it done.

A bit of Admin first up, Trevor Pond went into Brisbane Private Hospital on Tuesday morning for his back operations. He expects to be home next Tuesday. He is in a private room which has a phone and visiting hours a fairly liberal. I think his first op was today so maybe a phone call before a visit maybe the go. I leave it up to your good sense.

Yesterday I had to go for a Hearing test at Ashgrove and I could hear a voice that I couldn’t quiet recognize in the consulting room. Lo and behold out came Darcy Dugan. He is looking well and still doesn’t mind a chat. You would be pleased to know Wombat he had shoes AND socks on. Anyway he tells me Gail and he are well. 

Ted phoned Margaret at the RSL Care’s Fairview at Pinjara Hills last week seeking her help to identify the persons in the photos published in her personal Booklet on planting the NMW memorial trees. You can see the Booklet (text and photos here). Margaret was pleased we had posted the booklet on the NMW website but due to her failing eyesight was unable to help but did offer names of those who might help such as Ken Cupples, John Stevens, Ron and Gerry Woodrow to name a few. Kiwi is well and he would like to visit the Walk when restrictions are removed. Ron W and I will arrange it at a suitable time for Kiwi.

Well the Walk is looking as well as can be expected with very little rain. It is all neat and tidy and given a good mow by Bob Kyte and trim by Norm Deveroux and two to three blokes on blowers with the never ending battle against the leaves and bark. It keeps Ken Cupples busy carting the rubbish to our mulch pile.

Derek Nixon-Smith is doing a marvelous job to keep the Contemplation Building in good order during Owen’s absence.  

Barry Shipway, Rod Newham and Mick van Burgh were busy planting the two trees that needed replacing. If you don’t know, Shippy, he does medal mounting. I got him to make up seven sets of miniatures for my grandchildren.  A top job and at real “mates rates”.

As usual Robert Cross was “Mr Anything to be done Dave?” a real help and  jumps in whenever he can.

Cec did his usual with the rubbish cans and Dan Penman paid us a visit from Bli Bli and between he and  Ken Falvey have their areas looking neat and tidy but yet again, as with everyone else, would love to green up with some rain. Which reminds me that our waterman Doug has the patience of Job trying to keep the sprinklers working but the can only do so much.

Work in progress on both the Western slope and the Northern slope around the Contemplation Bld is slowly but surely continuing. Ted is a glutton for punishment, with all the trouble he had with getting rid of the Golden Pendas on the Northern slope he went home and got rid of the one in his garden.

Some of the boys decided they would give the hibiscus a bit of a trim, it ended up more like a marine buzz cut, however, it will grow back.  The reasoning for this bit of work was to allow access to the Ironbark tree that was in the centre. It has a lot of potential dead fall to be trimmed or maybe the tree should be cut down as it is close to the road and could pose a real danger. Anyway up to Spotless now to consider it a risk.

It turned out to be a special day as we had a visit from the RSM 8/9 RAR, Mick Carroll, the RP Sgt Michael Watto “Watson” and the Mascot handler. They made the visit to see what they could do to help us throughout the year. Mick is going to liaise with the new RSM 6 RAR to make it a Regimental tasks with both battalions helping out and see what the Regimental Family is all about. Will keep you in touch but any help would be much appreciated.

See photos from today’s activities here

That’s all for this week. As always look out for you and yours and don’t forget your mates with the simple question – RUOK?

Cheers and Take Care



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